TEST REGION Riverboats Music Festival


Riverboats is on the look-out for enthusiastic, music-loving volunteers to join us over the Festival weekend.

The arrangement is simple – in return for one four-hour volunteer shift we’ll give you a three-day, $155 weekend ticket. Jobs may involve serving our thirsty festival-goers behind the bar, selling tickets or merchandise, moving stock and generally keeping the place humming. You’ll be a busy bee for a few hours, but after that it’s all fun and games – and we promise you’ll enjoy the experience too!

To register we need you to be over 18 and for bar shifts you’ll also need to hold a current Victorian RSA certificate – sound doable? Fill out your details below and we'll be in touch.

Successful applicants will be advised via email in mid-December and rosters will be sent out in January.

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*Applicants wishing to serve behind the bar MUST hold a current Victorian RSA certificate and a copy must be provided
We need to consider your age to assist planning and placing volunteers into the most suitable areas.
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Emergency Contact Details
Please advise us of any health or pre-existing injuries that may be relevant to your work as a festival volunteer - eg. bad back?
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Applying for a Riverboats Bar position? Please upload your current Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate (Victoria) via the button below (pdf format preferred).

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Volunteer Terms & Conditions

*Please read carefully prior to submitting your application*

As a volunteer for the Riverboats Music Festival, the following terms and conditions must be agreed to:

• Volunteers who have committed to one four-hour volunteer shift will receive one three-day festival pass on registration

• No financial payment will be made by the Riverboats Music Festival for your volunteer services

• Volunteers must be over 18 years of age at the time of the festival

• Volunteers must complete the tasks assigned as outlined by the Riverboats Volunteer Manager or any other Riverboats staff member

• The festival's Public Liability Insurance will cover you for the duration of your volunteer shift only

• Should you become injured while undertaking your designated volunteer duties there will be limited cover in place under the festival’s Voluntary Workers Insurance Policy

• Any accidents or injuries must be reported immediately to your supervisor. If an ambulance is required to transport you, there may be costs incurred for this if you are not a member of an appropriate fund. In case of an accident occurring the Riverboats Music Festival may call an Ambulance or Doctor and notify your emergency contact

• You must let us know of any medical condition which could affect your duties as allocated prior to commencing your shift

• You must adhere to the ticketing terms and conditions of entry listed on the festival website

• You agree to organise and pay for your own accommodation

• You agree to take care of your personal belongings. While there will be a place to store your things during your shift, the festival will not be held responsible for any valuables that are lost or stolen

• Anyone found to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances during their shift will have their pass immediately revoked

• Any volunteer who fails to honour their volunteer commitments without a valid reason will have their pass revoked and any future applications will not be considered