TEST REGION Riverboats Music Festival


Riverboats is on the look-out for enthusiastic, music-loving volunteers to join us over the Festival weekend.

The arrangement is simple – in return for one four-hour volunteer shift we’ll give you a three-day, $145 weekend ticket. Jobs may involve serving our thirsty festival-goers behind the bar, selling tickets or merchandise, moving stock and generally keeping the place humming. You’ll be a busy bee for a few hours, but after that it’s all fun and games – and we promise you’ll enjoy the experience too!

To register we need you to be over 18 and for bar shifts you’ll also need to hold a current RSA certificate – sound doable? Fill out your details below and we'll be in touch.

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Desired Role/s:
*Applicants wishing to work behind the bar must hold a current RSA certificate and a copy must be provided