TEST REGION Riverboats Music Festival

riverboats 2020 ticketing Terms & Conditions

Please read the following information carefully

1. Ticketing and wristbands

1.1 Riverboats Music Festival (“the Event”) tickets are sold and issued by TryBooking Pty Ltd ACN 126 987 915 (TryBooking”) as agent for Westbound Productions Pty Ltd ACN 111 322 180 (“Us”, “We” or “Our”) on the following terms and conditions.

1.2    Tickets are refundable or exchangeable only in accordance with the following terms and conditions or as otherwise required by law.

1.3    We may cancel tickets purchased by any individual above any published ticket purchase limits.

1.4    A unique QR Code is associated with and printed or displayed on each individual ticket issued.

1.5    At the gate, each bearer of a QR Code associated with a valid ticket to the Event and which has not previously been presented will be fitted with a wristband which entitles the wearer to attend the Event or, in the case of presentation of a QR Code associated with a single-day ticket, the relevant day of the Event subject always to these terms and conditions.

1.6    Because wristbands are issued upon presentation of a QR Code associated with a valid ticket to the Event, ticket buyers are responsible for preventing any undesired duplication of the QR Code associated with each ticket. For this reason ticket buyers must avoid posting pictures of tickets on social media.

1.7    If a QR Code on a ticket is improperly duplicated and presented in exchange for a wristband at the Event, no further wristband will be issued on any subsequent presentation of the same QR Code and the owner of the associated ticket will not be entitled to a further ticket, wristband, refund or any other form of credit.

1.8    Attendees must wear a valid wristband at all times during the Event. This means that weekend attendees must keep their wristbands on overnight Friday and Saturday. 

1.9    Wristbands may not be transferred.

1.10   No refund or exchange is available in respect of any wristband that is lost or stolen.

1.11    A damaged wristband may be exchanged upon the wearer producing for inspection the QR Code presented on issue of the wristband and identification corresponding to that of the buyer of the associated ticket.

1.12   Wristbands remain Our property until the conclusion of the Event (at which point we assign Our ownership of all wristbands to the wearers of them).

1.13   The entitlement of a person wearing a wristband to attend the Event is a licence that may be revoked by Us in respect of the remainder of the Event in circumstances of any failure on the part of that person to comply with these terms and conditions, and if this licence is revoked the wristband must be returned to Us and no refund will be payable by us.

1.14   The licence of a person wearing a wristband to attend the event is conditional upon that person producing for inspection on request by Us at any time during the Event the QR Code presented on issue of the wristband.

2.   The Event

2.1      The Event is a social gathering at the Aquatic Reserve in Echuca, or any substitute venue of Our reasonable choosing if the Aquatic Reserve becomes unavailable, during which performing artists provide intermittent entertainment.

2.2     We reserve the right to vary the Event entertainment program and/or to add, withdraw or substitute artists as required by circumstances and conditions at any time without notice. No ticket refunds or compensation will be payable in such circumstances. No ticket refunds or compensation will be payable if the Event program varies due to the non-appearance of any advertised artist or artists.

2.3     The Event will proceed rain, hail or shine.

3.   Cancellation

3.1     In this part, a period of cancellation means any period during which patrons are not permitted entry to or are not permitted to remain in the Event venue.

3.2    If any period of the Event is cancelled ticket buyers will be entitled to a refund on the following bases (in this clause the Event admission times for each of Friday, Saturday and Sunday are referred to as a “day” of the Event):

3.2.1 in respect of any day of the Event that is cancelled:

(a)   the price of any single-day ticket to that day of the Event will be refunded; and

(b)   one-third of the price of any weekend ticket will be refunded;

3.2.2 in respect of any period of cancellation that affects less than the whole of a day of the Event:

(a) the proportion of the price of any single-day ticket to that day of the Event that the cancelled part bears to the whole of that day will be refunded; and

(b) the proportion of one-third of the price of any weekend ticket that the cancelled part bears to the whole of that day will be refunded.

3.3 Event admission times are:

3.3.1  Friday 14 February 2020: 5.30pm – 12.00am

3.3.2 Saturday 15 February 2020: 1.00pm – 12.00am

3.3.3 Sunday 16 February 2020: 10.30am – 6.00pm

4. Paddlesteamer Sideshow tickets

4.1 Tickets to any Paddlesteamer Sideshow must be purchased in conjunction with either a weekend or single day Event ticket - they cannot be purchased separately.

4.2  For purchasers of Riverboats Paddlesteamer Sideshow tickets, please pay particular attention to the departure times, as no refunds will be issued if you are late.

5.   Resale of tickets

5.1 Tickets may be resold for no more than the original sale price.

5.2 Tickets may not be resold at a price higher than the original sale price. Any ticket found by Us to have been resold at a price higher than the original sale price will be cancelled, no wristband will be issued upon presentation of the ticket.

5.3 We encourage ticketholders wishing to resell tickets to do so via the Event's official Facebook page, www.facebook.com/riverboatsmusic, and specifically via the 'Events' section of the page. We are not responsible for any transactions or ticket exchanges coordinated privately between individuals. It is the responsibility of the individual buyer and seller to ensure the transaction is completed in a satisfactory manner.

5.4     Buyer of resold tickets will be unlikely to satisfy the requirements for replacement of wristbands described at paragraph 1.11.

6.   Lost stolen or damaged tickets

6.1 If you purchased tickets online via Trybooking and have lost the email sent to you at the time of purchase, please follow the link below and TryBooking will resend a link to your tickets:


7. Youth policy

7.1      The Event venue is a licensed venue.

7.2     Proof of age (under 18 years of age on the last day of the Event) is required upon presentation of a Youth Ticket QR Code for wristband.

7.3     Attendees under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible parent or adult guardian (also wearing a valid wristband) at all times during the Event. We strongly recommend this parent and/or adult guardian is aged 25 years or older.

7.4    Persons aged 13 years and over must purchase a ticket to the Event. Children under 13 years will be admitted free of charge but must at all times wear a wristband bearing the name and mobile phone number of their accompanying parent or adult guardian.

8.   Conditions

8.1     Attendees must:

8.1.1         comply with all laws while in attendance at the Event;

8.1.2        cooperate with directions given by Our security officials and the police;

8.1.3        allow Our security officials and the police to search personal property for safety reasons;

8.1.4        produce proof of age on request by any of Our staff, security officials or the police;

8.1.5        use designated walkways and paths, and follow all signage at the Event; and

8.1.6        wear footwear at all times.

8.2 Attendees must not:

8.2.1       be drunk or affected by illegal drugs;

8.2.2      bring or attempt to bring into the Event alcohol, illegal drugs or items reasonably considered by Us to be dangerous;

8.2.3      consume alcohol served at the Event outside the fenced Event precinct;

8.2.4      bring any pet into the Event (assistance animals are permitted);

8.2.5      behave in any dangerous, irresponsible, unruly, offensive or disturbing manner;

8.2.6      audio or video record any performances at the Event without Our written permission (amateur still photography is permitted);

8.2.7      bring or attempt to bring into the Event any professional audio or video recording equipment without Our written permission; or

8.2.8      access or attempt to access any backstage or restricted area.

8.3     Attendees may bring their own food into the Event.

8.4    Attendees agree that they may be photographed or filmed by Us or by persons authorised by Us while in attendance at the Event and release Us and them from any claim in respect of the display or broadcast of that material for any purpose anywhere.

9. Limited liability

9.1      Attendance at the Event is inherently risky. The Event venue is a natural environment in which there are waterbodies, uneven ground, steep and slippery ground, holes, poor or very poor visibility after sunset and trees that may lose limbs. The environment may be windy and items may become airborne. Attendees may be exposed to other dangerous weather conditions, including but not limited to high temperatures and unsheltered sun. Loud noise will be experienced at times during the event. Areas of the event venue may be crowded, and some areas may be very crowded, by attendees including attendees who may be dancing or moshing and attendance in these areas carries with it a particularly high risk of injury. Attendees must take care, move around the venue carefully having regard to all these risks and take responsibility for their own safety at all times while at the Event.

9.2     Except where liability cannot be excluded by law, We (including Our employees, contractors and agents) will not be liable for any loss, cost, expense, injury, claim or damages suffered or sustained by any ticket buyer or attendee. Where permitted under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL), We limit our liability in respect of breach of any statutory guarantee under the ACL in the manner set out in sections 64A(1)(a) and 64A(2)(a) of the ACL.

9.3      To the full extent permitted by law, attendees waive all legal rights of action against and fully release Us, our agents, employees and volunteers for all claims for compensation for loss, damage, injury or death howsoever arising out of or in relation to the attendee’s entry to and presence at the Event venue and attendance at the Event.

10.    Privacy

10.1        Ticket buyers and attendees consent to Us collecting and retaining their personal information for the purposes of contacting them in relation to ticketing matters and Event information. We will not sell or trade personal information.