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the most Australian writer there has ever been. Quite frankly, I think he’s better than the rest of us…” – Richard Clapton

Don Walker was born in Ayr, North Queensland, in 1951. As a member of and main songwriter for Cold Chisel, between 1973 and 1983 he wrote Saturday Night, Cheap Wine, Standing on the Outside, Four Walls, Khe Sahn and co-wrote Flame Trees. Enough said.

In 1989, after a break from music spent traveling, he released Unlimited Address, a set of songs under the band name Catfish, recorded with producer/guitar player Peter Walker and harmonica player David Blight.

In 1993 the Tex, Don and Charlie album, Sad But True was released in Australia and Europe. A collaboration with Tex Perkins and Charlie Owen, Sad But True showed the first results of the songwriting Walker had been doing in Nashville the previous two years.

In 1994 Don Walker recorded his first solo album We’re All Gunna Die over four days at Electric Avenue Studios in Sydney. Released in 1995, it was reviewed as “a masterpiece” and “possibly the best Australian album released in years”.

In 2005 Don, Tex Perkins and Charlie Owen recorded and released the widely acclaimed All Is Forgiven, their first album together for twelve years, and completed a sold-out tour to showcase that album.

In July 2006 Don’s second solo album, Cutting Back, was released by Warners. In the years between he toured live with the Suave Fucks, often featuring Red Rivers on guitar. More recently, 2013 saw Don release Hully Gully to critical acclaim. And, after a 12 year hiatus, Tex, Don and Charlie finally released their third studio album, You Don't Know Lonely, to critical acclaim.

One of Australia’s most celebrated songwriters and raconteurs, Don Walker will lead you down the highway with tales of outback towns and science fiction, Hebrew myth, country halls and Bluecaps rock’n’roll, timber yards and poolrooms by the sea. Tales handed down from other centuries and those that had to be lived first hand.