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"Australia’s foremost progenitor of, and innovator in, the country-roots fold" - Rolling Stone

There is a moment in most artists’ young lives when they realise music will shape their future and define who they are. Kasey Chambers didn’t have to wait for that moment to arrive. Music is part of her DNA.

Born in Mt Gambier in South Australia, Kasey grew up in a home environment where listening to and performing country and roots music was a way of life. It had to rub off - and it did - just as in later years, living on the Nullarbor Plain and travelling all over Australia with her family, the young Kasey got an education like no other.

She spent her childhood absorbing the music of Hank Williams, Emmylou Harris, Johnny Cash and other country greats loved by her parents. It was in the family’s revered Dead Ringer Band with dad Bill, mum Di and older brother Nash that 10-year-old Kasey got her first real taste of being on stage. By the time she was in her late teens she was fronting the band and writing some of the songs.

A change came in 1998 when Kasey, at the age of 22, travelled overseas on a rites-of-passage voyage of discovery. She came back ready to start her solo career. The resultant album, The Captain remains one of the most extraordinary and lauded debuts by an Australian artist in any genre. 

The critics and the public saw The Captain for what it was - a blast of fresh air in the local country scene. Kasey was on her way and picked up her first ARIA Awards, for best country album and best female artist. Greater success was to follow.

Jump forward to the present day and 2017 saw Kasey release her 5th number 1 album, Dragonfly. Featuring guest performances by artists including Paul Kelly, Ed Sheeran, Vika and Linda Bull and Keith Urban, Dragonfly was heralded by Rolling Stone and the Huffington Post as a landmark album in the career of one of Australia's most celebrated artists.

Performing Sunday, February 18