TEST REGION Riverboats Music Festival


Eaten by Dogs

"Very humble and human, a soft Australian night bled out with the expansive and atmospheric musicianship. This is a smooth, relaxing listen from start to finish" - The Music

While Melbourne is full of the world’s best alt-country songwriters and bands, Eaten By Dog’s are undeniably one of the towns favourites. Described as “the latest Australian ambassadors of honest alt-country music” (Tone Deaf, Dylan McCarthy), the four piece band perform music which is a brilliant balancing act between warmth and the encroaching despair. Even if the very mention of country music makes you cringe all over, Eaten By Dogs may give you a pleasant surprise. Their songs are honest, rich and spacious; music to listen to as you steer your way through the escapism of modern life.

Featuring members from Graveyard Train and Cash Savage & The Last Drinks, Eaten By Dogs have been performing shows across Australia for the past 4 years. Following their self-titled album in 2014 which was nominated for The Age Music Awards, the band recently launched their sophomore album ‘Anxiety Ain’t No Currency’ to a sold out crowd at The Tote in Melbourne.

When you get to see Eaten By Dog’s you might notice that the band aren't interested in cowboy hats or Nashville. These guys seem more interested in the idea that while the world is well and truly in the midst of the 6th mass extinction, most of our true anxieties arise just after we post something online. They highlight the fact you can get up, find the fun in beating the hell out of life and squeezing every drop out of the bottle just to make it all worthwhile.

Eaten By Dogs: music of hope for the hopeless.

Performing Sunday, February 18